About Us

our story

We reimagine learning for impactful change. By creating experiences that inspire the courage to challenge conventions, we bring out the best in you to push the boundaries of innovation.

Unlock your full potential and learn to shape the future with the mindset to continually grow and thrive.

An Innovative Approach to Learning

Our programmes are designed to help bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical. Along with our vast network of seasoned professionals, we specialise in converting abstract concepts into relevant and applicable skills for anyone from students to executives.

Grasp Key Concepts

Our programmes teach you to…

Create value out of opportunity using strategic thinking

Apply startup methodologies to business growth

Use critical thinking to solve entrepreneurial problems

Experiential Learning

We immerse participants in…

Real-world case studies detailing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs

Business simulations to sharpen decision-making

Existing projects or internships where participants put their training to use

Personal Development

As a participant, you will also…

Discover your Ikigai

Identify your values, goals and purpose linking empathy to problem solving

Cultivate a growth mindset by embracing setbacks as part of the process

our business ecosystems

Golden Equator is a holding group of businesses that shapes the world of tomorrow by bringing Capital and Community together in new and inventive ways.